Scraaamble, Scramble, Scraaamble!

I'm alive, I swear! Not that anyone missed me, because the readership of this blog is pretty nonexistent. But, whatever; I can pretend that somebody has been anxiously checking here every day to see if I'd update, right? Yeah.

I haven't been updating because I'm back at school and blogging has sort of slipped from my mind. Things like comps (senior project-type dealio) proposals and classwork and Life After College planning have pretty much taken over, and even though I'm cooking for myself for every meal of every day, I don't really feel like photographing my food because I'm usually pretty darn hungry when it's done! That and I haven't made too many photo/blogworthy meals, I guess, even though I have been experimenting with lots of new types of foods (for me, at least) and figuring things out for myself. I LOVE the fact that my tiny college town has a natural food store/co-op, and I have established a sort of Wednesday afternoon co-op ritual that is very nearly the highlight of my week. I just really love the availability of organic and local foods, as well as veg*n friendly stuff - I tried soy yogurt for the first time, and it's fantastic! Now, if only the dairy-free ice cream weren't so expensive... ;)

Anyway, there is a food-point to this post, I swear! Namely, scrambled tofu, a la the PPK. And when I say "a la the PPK," I basically mean that I took that recipe and bastardized it because I didn't have most of the ingredients. I sauteed some baby bella mushrooms and minced garlic, then added the tofu and some spices - namely turmeric (I was so excited to find this at the co-op!), paprika, and some garlic salt. I let it snap, crackle, and pop on the stove as I got dressed, and then I enjoyed a surprisingly tasty egg-free breakfast scramble.

So it's not the most photogenic food, but hey, it was actually quite yummy! And if I'd had more of the ingredients Isa recommends, I bet it'd be even better! Also, I learned an important lesson - a little turmeric goes a long way. I definitely overused it this time around, so much so that my toothbrush's bristles turned yellow when I brushed my teeth too soon after eating. :X Oh well, I was due for a new one anyway.

That's all for now, I suppose. I promise I'll be better about posting and actually share some of the tasty stuff I've been making lately! And if you, random person, are reading this, leave me a comment! Please?



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